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Girls tennis dominates at Lakes

Girls take home an easy win against Lakes, making it look easy as the varsity girls leave their competitors in the dust.
Natalie Labicki
Senior Caitlynn Gsell and junior Elle Ipsen get ready to serve against Lake’s.

This week the girls tennis team faced off against their biggest rivals, Lakes Community High School. This was a huge match for them, as is any that involves a Lakes versus Antioch matchup. 

It was big for the girls tennis team with the varsity one double team, senior Caitlynn Gsell and junior Elle Ipsen, sweeping the Lakes team 6-0. The girls seemed to be very tuned into the game as they made few mistakes and didn’t let up one game. Ipsen played especially well, and was commended by many of her teammates.

“My second serves definitely got a lot better,” Ipsen said. “I really improved from yesterday and the game before, we had some good shots.” 

Everyone at the game had noticed the girls’ successes and triumph over Lakes. Girls tennis manager, senior Samuel Sheedy, explained some more on the possible successes over Lakes. He commented on all of the victories, but also on what some of the girls could improve on.

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“I think that being aggressive on the net is something that some people need to work on,” Sheedy said. “A lot of the time they half commit and try to move back which never works out, so they need to stay up and point their rackets down.”

Coach Jamie D’Andrea was impressed with the girls’ performances. She complimented on how the girls played in their second match, outlining a few things that the girls had done which may have won them the game overall. 

“Caitlynn had a couple of really nice aces on her serves,” D’Andrea said. “Elle was hitting some really nice corners, we had been talking about that in practice and she did exactly what she needed to do so they won that match because they did all the little things right.”

The girls are looking forward to improving their game at practice and taking on their next big match, especially as the season begins to draw to a close and players begin looking towards regional and state tournaments.

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Logan Van Alstine
Logan Van Alstine, Sports Photography Director
Logan Van Alstine is a senior at ACHS and it is his first year as a member of the Tom Tom staff. Logan enjoys playing video games with his friends and working out for an amount of time which a lot of people would think is ridiculous. Logan both loves and hates playing "Destiny 2" with an equal amount of passion.
Natalie Labicki
Natalie Labicki, Tom Tom Staff
Natalie Labicki is a senior and this is her first year as a part of the Tom Tom Staff. She plays for the school's tennis team and currently plays number one on varsity. In her free time, she enjoys going on the water, listening to music and spending time with family and friends.
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