The New YouTube Series: “The Mind of Jake Paul”

YouTuber Shane Dawson creates controversial series about another troubled YouTuber.


It is no surprise that most teenagers spend a lot of time on the social media app YouTube. It is a website that I use to unwind and relax after a long day or just to entertain myself when I am bored. However, with such a popular app comes some not-so popular side effects. There are YouTubers that have posted some controversial content on their channels that have created massive backlash.

This week, it seems the talk in the social media community is around YouTuber Shane Dawson’s new series about a controversial YouTuber: Jake Paul. Paul has done some insane pranks and stunts on his channel that have made a lot of people angry with him. I have never seen one of his videos but I do watch Shane Dawson frequently and I can say that I enjoy the content that Dawson provides. Which is why I feel that it is important to discuss his new videos with Jake Paul.

In my opinion, you have to watch all these videos at face value. Jake Paul is an interesting guy, whether it be for bad or good reasons, and whether or not we would like to admit it, we all want to get an insight into his everyday life and personality when the camera is off.

Even though Dawson has received a lot of backlash for making a video about a guy that does not need any more publicity than he already gets, the videos open up our minds to an entirely new perspective on not only Jake Paul’s life, but YouTubers’ lives in general. To me, it does not matter whether or not this series into the “Mind of Jake Paul” is a good or bad idea, because it definitely is interesting.