The Night Before the Competition

The cheerleaders traditions before each competition.

The Night Before the Competition

One of the most memorable moments in a cheerleader’s life does not have to be while they are performing. Every night before each competition, the girls like to hang out, have sleep overs and have a team dinner.

“The night before competitions we always have pasta and Portillo’s salad,” junior Ella Maggio said.

Having a team dinner allows the team time to bond outside of practice and school. With this extra time, it gives the girls a chance to become closer. 

“Hanging out with the team outside of practice definitely brings us closer, because we can build relationships and get to know each other more,” Maggio said.

Hanging out and having sleepovers brings the team closer, because they get to learn more about each other and build special bonds with one another.

Before all of the competitions, the girls also make sure they follow special traditions for good luck.

“We always say our chant before each competition as well as pray to make sure we have the best performance,” Maggio said.

With these special traditions, the girls hope to have the best performance and good luck as they take the mat.

Come out to see the girls at their next competition for sectionals at Belvedere High School, January, 28.