The Penny Wars Are Back Again

Grades challenge each other to garner the most points, donate to charity.

Every year Antioch Community High School has a competition to support charities. Penny Wars is a week long contest where students can get rid of all of their loose change and compete against each other to earn the most pennies.

The rules are simple: Pennies are positive points, and all silver coins are negative points. The class that gains the most points will have all money raised donated to their charity.

The freshman charity is Support Our Troops, the sophomore charity is the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, the junior charity is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the senior charity is the National Eating Disorders Association.

“I think participating in the Penny Wars is important because it gets the school and the students involved in different charities,” said sophomore Nick Killian. “It gives us a chance to have fun donating for a cause.”

The goal of Penny Wars is to get as many students involved as possible to support one of the different charities.