The Revival of Criminal Minds

The new streaming service Paramount+ was planning on reviving the television series, Criminal Minds.


Chloe Barbarise

The last time fans saw this screen, the opening credits, was Feb. 19, 2020.

Paramount+ wanted to continue this crime-filled show and create the 16th season. The 15th season of Criminal Minds ended February 2020, and even though that was supposed to be the last season to air, Paramount+ has decided to release a 16th season.

Since Paramount+ is a streaming service, viewers will have to pay to watch the new season of Criminal Minds. Paramount+ is $5.99 a month, but there is a free trial for one month. To stream this service, one has to download the app on a phone or other device; it can also be accessed in a web browser. According to the Hollywood Reporter, there are going to be 10 episodes in the new season. Paramount+ has also released The Real Criminal Minds, which is a docu-series about a real former FBI agent .

The 16th season of Criminal Minds will have both new and returning cast members, which leaves fans with mixed emotions.. Freshman Sofia Tinker has seen all 15 seasons of Criminal Minds and has recently watched the new season.


“I started watching it but quickly lost interest,” Tinker said “One of the reasons being there are many new characters and it just does not feel the same without the original cast.”


As Criminal Minds continues to make more seasons, lots of fan favorite cast members like Shemar Moore, who played Derek Morgan, have left the show. Derek Morgan was sophomore Ethan Kolloff’s favorite character in the series.


“He was always just a savage on the field,” Kolloff said. “He was always fearless.” 


Since some of these cast members left the show, fans have been disappointed at some of the episodes produced because the show was not the same without them. Paramount+ has not released anything about another season, but fans are hoping for there will be a season 17 to look forward to. Therefore, if a fan enjoyed the direction of the new season, they should keep a lookout for another one.