The Sequoits Tackle Game One

The Sequoits win their first game of the season with a 59-33 victory over Tremper.


Abigail Russell

Senior Brandon Lind and junior Steven Baum celebrate after a touchdown.

The Sequoit football team tackles their first game of the season with a 59-33 victory over the Tremper Trojans.

The Sequoits’ offense led by junior quarterback Branden Gallimore combined for a total of 8 touchdowns to defeat the Trojans. Senior running back Brandon Lind ran 6 out of the 8 touchdowns, while the Sequoit defense had multiple interceptions and recovered fumbles.

The Sequoits immediately jumped ahead of the Trojans with a touchdown in the first quarter, then continued the offensive strike with 4 more touchdowns in the second quarter.

The Sequoit offense scored 3 more touchdowns in the second half, including a 3 point field goal from senior Benjamin Gutke.

“I’m really proud for our first game. We did some really great things that we haven’t been able to do in a few years,” said coach Brian Glashagel.

The team coached by Glashagel hopes to clean up some of their mental mistakes and put themselves in a good position to keep winning games.

“Half of the teams in the state go 1-0 and the other half don’t,” said Glashagel. “It’s nice being on that top half.”

The Sequoits look to stay in that top half with a win against the Moline Maroons this Friday at Moline High School.