The “World’s Largest” Corn Maze Entertains Families

Richardson’s corn maze theme for the fall of 2019 is Apollo 50.


Permission to use by Richardson's Farm

Bird's eye view of the 2019 Apollo 50 corn maze.

Richardson’s Farm is a place where friends and family come to gather and enjoy themselves during the fall time. They have many different activities to do there; the most popular is the “world’s largest” corn maze. 

Every year Richardson’s has a different theme for their corn maze. This year’s theme is Apollo 50, because 2019 is the 50-year anniversary of the first moon landing in history. 

“I think it’s interesting to a lot of people,” junior Audrey Selander said. “It doesn’t just apply to one group.” 

In previous years, Richardson’s has had diverse corn maze themes. Varying from sports teams, to popular musical bands, to important anniversaries. Some include the Chicago Cubs, the Blackhawks, the Beatles and the Bicentennial of Illinois. 

Junior Brooke Poulos enjoys visiting the cornfields and talked about her opinions on the themes. 

“Since there’s been Blackhawks they could do another sports team, like a football team,” Poulos said.

Although the corn maze is a major part of Richardson’s to many, there are other activities there as well. Some are picking pumpkins, climbing the tower that looks down on the maze or sitting by the fire with friends. 

“[At Richardson’s] I usually get donuts and apple cider,” Selander said. “I like to pick up pumpkins or walk around. Also they have a campfire area where you can have your own campfire. So I’ll walk around that area, or climb the tower.” 

Richardson’s opens September 7 and closes November 3 this fall.