Thursday Night Football: Miami at Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Bengals handled the Miami Dolphins, 22-7.

Thursday Night Football: Miami at Cincinnati

Frank Victores

Thursday night football came again last night as the Cincinnati Bengals faced off against the Miami Dolphins, September 29.

This game was anticipated by both teams because they have not gotten off to the start that they have wanted, both teams being 1-2 before the game. Cincinnati controlled the whole game led by wide receiver out of Georgia, AJ Green.

Senior Marc Gillespie, who plays receiver was watching the game last night and felt inspired.

“It is always nice to see a wide receiver who performs well. He controlled last night’s game and the defensive backs for the Dolphins got destroyed. He caught so many passes, and we don’t pass much, but I will always wish to do what he did,” Gillespie said.

The Dolphins have a new head coach, former offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears, Adam Gase. Gillespie feels he should have stayed in Chicago.

“I think he should have stayed in Chicago because he was finally having success. The Dolphins have already won a game but their offense is not really doing anything,” Gillespie said.

Next Thursday the Arizona Cardinals go head to head against their rivals, the San Francisco 49ers.