Tips for a Safe Halloween

Even though Halloween is a popular holiday amongst teens, it is still important to stay safe.


Happy Halloween, Sequoits! Image courtesy of Jessica Guzman.

As the sun goes down, and the moon comes up, the streets fill up with children and teens craving candy. As one gets older the desire for candy goes down and the desire for pranks rises to the occasion. Here are some simple tips to remind anyone going out tonight why following the rules is so important.

1. Don’t stay out past curfew. Halloween is a night when police are on the prowl for ignorant teens acting out of line. One way to avoid staying out of trouble is t0 simply act like a responsible, respectful and proud Sequoit when going out. Remember that little kids are around. Go home at appropriate hours and eat all the candy gathered throughout the night.

2. Check all candy. Believe it or not, parents are smart for checking all their kid’s candy before eating it. There are definitely people in the world that drug unpackaged goods. While going out, don’t eat the candy before checking it, and do not accept any drugs from nasty people.

3. Don’t go in any houses. Even though haunted houses are fun, it is better to be safe than sorry when choosing whether or not to enter a house. The better choice is to find a local and reliable haunted house for a good scare; no candy is worth the risk of Sequoit’s saftey.

4. Stay with a buddy. Stick with one or a group of friends when walking around to be more safe. This rule applies to kids and teens of all ages, think about what one would tell a younger sibling when going out on Halloween.

5. Stay warm. The end of October usually is cold, so adding extra layers is a necessity. By staying warm on Halloween, one can avoid the chances of feeling gross and sick the next day.

Remember to stay safe, Sequoits, whether it’s while getting candy or at a friend’s party. Stay responsible, respectful, and proud this weekend to trouble. Happy Halloween!