Top 5 Ways to Cure Summertime Sadness

Say goodbye to tanktops, suntans, and staying up till 2 a.m. First semester is in full swing, which means summer is long gone and months away from returning. Do not fret, along with the new year comes all of the excitement of the fall season.


    Take the opportunity of this fresh start to make friendships, strengthen your relationships with teach- ers, and become more involved within the school community. No matter what has occurred in your past years as a student, begin this semester with an open mind and a willing to learn.



    Stroll through the halls with your favorite jams blasting through your earphones. Find your new song anthems and become inspired by music. Nothing says, “Let’s get down to business” or “Power through the day,” like a little Beyonce or Kanye West.



    So much of our confidence spreads from loving our appearance and having a positive outlook on ourselves. By simply buying the pair of Nikes you have been eyeing, chopping off your hair, or testing out a new makeup look, you can become fully refreshed and determined to work.



    Lift and bench away your summer worries by making a work out plan and sticking to it. With the semester, restart and become the healthiest version of yourself (this means, no fries everyday for lunch!). Exercise in- vigorates the mind, strengthens the body, and leads to an increase in energy. Not only will exercise change your mindset, but also encourage you to participate in other healthy activities throughout the year.


  5. GET SPIRITED The easiest and most foolproof way to forget about summer is to find fun here at ACHS. Football games, powderpuff, homecoming week, and Wear Out Wednesdays are only a couple of the activities that occur during the first months of the school year. Participate in the spirit dress days and come to as many events as possible; your time in high school will be over before you know it, so leave the year with no regrets.