Top New Artists of 2020

Rising R&B and soul artists to look out for this year.


Gabrielle Debevec

It is hard for many artists to stay confident with creating new music during COVID-19. Artists, such as Chiiild, have been doing the best they can with the given circumstances.


Chiiild, a four person collective based out of Montreal, Canada, released their debut EP Synthetic Soul on February 28th, 2020. The genre-bending quartet describes their music as a blend of soul, R&B, jazz and indie, with the title of their breakout project reflecting upon the fusion of sounds. Despite their currently concise selection of music, catchy and introspective lyrics bring their fans back for more, desperately awaiting their next release. The four members of Chiiild consist of sole vocalist Yonotan Ayal, as well as supporting members Pierre-Luc Rioux (guitar), Lauren Malyon (violin, keyboards, tambourine and backing vocals) and Maxime Bellavance (drums).



Giveon Evans experienced breakthrough success earlier this year featuring on Drake’s Dark Lane Demo Tapes back in May. His catchy and atmospheric chorus on “Chicago Freestyle” garnered massive positive press, drawing many to his personal discography. Despite releasing his first single in 2018, Giveon’s first EP came out in early March 2020, titled Take Time. It featured two of his most popular songs at the time, which were “Like I Want You” and “Heartbreak Anniversary”. Both songs topped US R&B charts at 10 and 30 respectively. Giveons soft and melodic delivery continued to impress his listeners up to the release of his second EP in October. When It’s All Said and Done showcases all of Giveon’s prowess with four tracks, one of which, Stuck on You, topping US R&B charts at 18; the EP consequently placed 9 (his highest solo project yet).


Elijah Waters

Elijah Waters experienced the biggest breakthrough of his career by showcasing his new single “Lose Control” on widely known music platform COLORS. Inspired by his matured sound on his 2019 LP, A Sunday Kind of Love, “Lose Control” featured an experimental and smooth indie/alternative R&B delivery that left his genre of music feeling unique and unexplored. There is a lot left to come from Elijah Waters, as he is yet to find breakout success, but his ever developing style is bound to top charts some day.