TV Shows That Are Gone, But Never Forgotten

Recently cancelled shows that bring teens back to the good ole’ days.

There’s nothing that proved that kids rode the crest of a wave more than coming home after a stressful day of fifth grade, grabbing a snack and snuggling up on the couch with some classic TV shows. Being a kid was utterly stressless. The only thing teens had to worry about in elementary school was which silly band was worth trading, what color folder to choose for school and which TV show to watch. The possibilities were endless at that point. TV shows come and go, but some leave a permanent imprint in a kid’s mind.

Drake and Josh
Drake and Josh was a timeless classic from Nickelodeon. It is about two stepbrothers who come together and experience life by each other’s sides. However, they couldn’t be more different. Drake is a rockstar “babe magnet,” and Josh is a perfect attendance brainiac. Every episode shows how they tackle sticky situations with dating, school, family and more. No episode would be complete if Drake’s conniving little sister, Megan, didn’t cause mayhem towards the duo. Even though the show has been off the air for 11 years, it will never be forgotten.

Good Luck Charlie
Good Luck Charlie is a more recent family fun show. It is about the Duncan family and their crazy life with five kids. The oldest daughter, Teddy, creates video diaries for her younger sister giving her advice about all of her experiences. She includes their mom, Amy, their dad, Bob, her three brothers, PJ, Gabe and the youngest son Toby in the video diaries that display all of their unique personalities perfectly.

Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana is about a teen girl, Miley Stewart, who also doubles as a famous pop star, Hannah Montana. She lives with her dad, Robby and her brother, Jackson. The show focuses on how she balances being a successful singer and still going to school and hanging with friends like a normal teen. She goes through many crazy instances in the show, usually with her best friends, Lily and Oliver by her side.

iCarly is a show based in Seattle with main character Carly Shay. She hosts a popular web show with her best friends Sam and Freddy and lives with her brother Spencer, who sculpts for a living. The show focuses on the quirky adventures that Carly and her counterparts encounter throughout school, life and their web show.