US Navy honors Antioch Community High School teacher

Teacher William Zambole received the Impact Influence Award from the Navy during the pep assembly on Friday, August 20.

Megan Harding

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Jacob Slabosz

“I was humbled by the whole experience.” William Zambole accepts Impact Influence Award from US Navy Commander Matthew B. Roy.

Friday’s assembly brought an unexpected guest, Commander Matthew B. Roy. Roy presented the Impact Influence Award to one individual who has provided his students with exceptional dedication, support and education throughout his time as a teacher at Antioch Community High School. Adam Dukas, ACHS graduate and member of the US Navy’s nuclear power program, nominated William Zambole to thank him for his commitment to his students.

The commencement started with Navy Officer Roy’s speech of recognition. He listed all of the qualities that a leader must possess.

“Trust, passion, dedication and knowledge are just some of the values that are fundamental,” Roy said.

Zambole felt that much of the staff was deserving of this honor. He was surprised that he was the individual selected for this award.

“I was humbled by the whole experience,” Zambole said. “[Dukas] was one of the most resilient students I had and never let setbacks keep him down.”

This special honor, while awarded nationally, is very selective to teachers that have made a huge impact on sailors.

Dukas was chosen to nominate a teacher that inspired him because of his prestigious achievements in the program. After hearing Zambole’s positive influence on Dukas, Commander Roy highlighted him as the perfect candidate.

Zambole reflected on what this award meant for him as an educator. “Always keep working on your craft. Never settle for just getting through the day” Zambole said.

Antioch applauds Zambole’s once in a lifetime achievement. Through his hard work and dedication as an educator, he has inspired many students, Dukas being only one.