Valentines Day: Fancy vs Casual

Teenagers prepare to spend a romantic day with their special someone on Valentines Day.


Diya Schon

On Valentines Day, couples can decide to spend their day together in many ways to celebrate their relationship.

While Valentine’s Day is around the corner, teenagers are beginning to plan their date with their special someone. Whether one keeps it casual or goes all out on this romance filled day depends on one’s budget, interests or relationship status. As teenagers, money may be tight, so opting for a more casual date may be ideal. However, some students that can afford an expensive and fancy date prefer this over a more casual night.

Antioch Community High School junior Allyson Pierce prefers a fancier date for Valentines Day, but she is spending the day with her loved ones.

“My ideal Valentine’s date is a nice dinner,” Pierce said. “I’m normally running around doing a bunch of stuff so it’s nice to just take a day to be with the people I love and spend the day doing the things that make me and others the happiest.”

Similarly to many high school students, senior Alex Barbarise prefers to spend a casual day with his date doing things that they both enjoy.

“My ideal date is a nice dinner, going out to a movie and finishing the date by giving them the cute gifts I bought,” Barbarise said. “I prefer this date because I want it to be more romantic and spend time with the person that I care about.”

In a combination of casual activities, junior Isaac Piccard enjoys spending time with his partner in and out of the house on Valentines day.

“An ideal Valentine’s date for me is just going out to eat somewhere really nice, then getting super full with my significant other and going home and cuddling. It might be cheesy, but I would enjoy it,” Piccard said.

Although many people enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day in the stereotypical, romantic candlelit dinner date type of way, some prefer staying in and relaxing with their valentine, whether this person is a boyfriend or girlfriend, friend or relative. No matter the day’s events, Valentine’s Day gives people the opportunity to spend time together doing what makes themselves and their loved ones happy.