Breaking the Bonds of Trust

Trust is what holds a relationship or friendship together; without it, people may experience conflict with a partner or friend, as well as trust issues within other relationships in the future.

In all kinds of relationships, people are constantly evaluating each other’s trustworthiness. When people have trust in one another, they move through things quickly and make progress within the relationship. Once trust is gone, there becomes the possibility of never moving forward again.  

“If people in any type of relationship do not have trust between each other, then they cannot depend on one other,” junior Alex Chadzynski said. “They will not be able to know how the other person really feels about certain situations because if you do not have trust, you may never know if that person is being honest with you.” 

Although, just because trust is broken between two people, that does not mean that there is no hope for the bond to be repaired. People can earn trust back, which can eventually return the friendship or relationship back to normal; but if the trust is then broken again, it gets harder to resolve conflicts.  

“After the first trust issues developed between my friend and I, it only took a few days and we were back to a normal friendship,” sophomore Faith LaCerba said. “But after what happened the next few times, our friendship ended. If you cannot trust a person, or they cannot trust you, it’s not gonna work. You cannot really rely on someone to help you through tough times or discuss things with people without trusting them.”

When trust has been lost in a relationship or friendship, it can be good to talk things out with the other person. This may help with earning trust back, or it could allow someone to realize that the connection between them and someone else is no longer working out, leading them to forgive and move on. 

“When you lose trust in someone, reflect on [the connection] and see if you really want to push it forward,” Chadzynski said. “If not, take it into your own hands and stop talking to them if you have to. Or if you want to fix the bond between you guys, then try talking it out to see how the other person is feeling.” 

Unfortunately, if the bond between two people ends due to trust issues, it may cause someone to continue to question whether or not they are able to trust other people. 

“When you lose trust, it changes your mentality and you become more independent,” senior Ben Ticsay said. “The bad thing about it is, that when you need help, you are not able to get it. Even when people reach out to you, you act like you do not want it because you do not know who to trust.” 

When trust is lost between two people, it can be hard to overcome conflicts together because it is challenging to decide whether or not the other person is being truthful. Trust is one of the most important factors within a friendship or relationship. Without it, the bond between two people could end up crumbling.