Weather Affects Fall Athletes


Antioch Community High School’s fall sport athletes experienced a wide variety of temperatures this season. The weather threw the athletes off. Different sports use different amounts of energy, both mentally and physically.  Depending on the weather and the individual, some do better than others, however, the hot weather was especially challenging for our Sequoits.

The cross country runners have it the roughest when it comes to the heat because of the long distances they have to run. Adding heat to the runners’ physical and mental obstacles can really make the sport tough. “Once I had to miss a meet because the heat and humidity made it so I was not able to breathe,” said freshman Emily Holmes.

The field hockey girls run up and down the field during their games at all times, whether it’s hot or cold.

“In the hot weather I feel as if I play the same because in St. Louis it was high 90’s and we won the championship. Even though we had ice, cold towels and a lot of water to cool us off, if we didn’t have that we probably would have played poorly,” said sophomore Alexis Duehr. With the rough, physical way field hockey is played, the Sequoits need to constantly be on their toes, ready to move at any moment. To be able to focus and put the heat aside takes determination.