What it Takes to be a Working Student

Despite additional challenges, working in high school may be a rewarding experience; however, it takes a lot to be successful.


Lovin Oven Cakery, a bakery located in downtown Antioch, is a popular place for students to work. “I love my job, it’s taught me a lot,” sophomore Tricia Olson said.

Being a student in high school is challenging enough. Some students are reluctant to get a job due to the stress that it may add to their life. Having a job along with schoolwork may lead to more responsibilities. However, being employed as a high school student can have many benefits, such as experience and money. Sophomore Tricia Olson, who works at Lovin Oven Cakery, believes that working as a high school student is an opportunity that students should take. 

“I definitely think that it’s a good idea to get a job as a student,” Olson said. “It’s good to learn how a workplace works, my job has taught me a lot.”

Despite the positive effects of having a job as a high school student, there can be negative effects as well. According to an article written by Marie Anderson for The Classroom, grades can suffer when students work. 

“If you work, make sure that school is your priority,”

— Eric Grose

“Students who work in high school may stretch themselves too thin, and, as a result, grades may suffer,” Anderson said. 

To maintain good grades, students who choose to have a job need to make sure to work hard at not only their job, but also their schoolwork.

“If you work, make sure that school is your priority,” sophomore and Antioch Pizza employee Eric Grose said.

Students who are considering applying for a job need to take not only their behavioral habits into consideration, but also their personalities. Having a hardworking personality can be an advantage for working students. 

“My job is really challenging,” senior and Captain’s Quarters employee Mikayla Holway said. “To have a job, you need a good work ethic.”