What’s in Your Bag: Cheer


Ashley Piper

Athletes carry a variety of equipment to become more successful in their sport. Sophomore Ashley Piper, a varsity cheerleader, has much in her bag that helps to make her a better cheerleader. Cheerleading is a unique sport that uses lots of equipment that differs from that which other sports use.

Question: What’s in your bag?

Answer: Cheer Shoes, lotion, makeup wipes, clothes, a tooth brush, hair brush, deodorant, perfume, bands and notebooks.

Q: Do any of those things help you perform better in cheer?

A: Well, my cheer shoes help me a huge amount because they help me support my balance and reinforces my feet when tumbling.

Q: What do you use the bands for?

A: We used the stretching bands to help us warm-up and the jumping bands to perfect our jumps.

Q: Do you have anything in your bag that means a lot to you?

A: I have a necklace that means a lot to me and I keep it in my bag for good luck during competitions.

Q: If you added up the cost of all of your stuff, how much would everything be?

A: My cheer shoes were around 90 dollars, the lotion was ten dollars, my makeup wipes are five dollars, the perfume was 15 dollars and our jumping and stretching bands are 30 dollars. Altogether, my things are around 150 dollars.

Q: Is there anything you wish you have in your bag and why?

A: I wish I had wrap, tape, bio freeze and extra food. I want extra tape and wrap in my bag because cheerleaders tend to roll their ankles a lot and it’s good to tape your ankle before practices.