What’s in Your Bag: Football


In every sport there are important things that help an athlete perform better in their practice and in their games. Sophomore Logan Rosenthal plays JV football for the Antioch Sequoits and his locker is overflowing with equipment.

“In my bag, I have a football helmet, shoulder pads, a practice jersey, practice pants, football cleats, gym shoes and my gloves,” Rosenthal said.

These items all help Rosenthal practice well and play better in games. His cleats allow him to run faster, cut harder and give more support to his ankles on tough plays. The shoulder pads and helmet protect him from hard hits and his football gloves help the ball stick much better to Rosenthal’s hands, making it easier to catch the ball. Not only does he carry the essentials, but he also keeps meaningful possessions with him.

“I have a special bracelet that has my cousins birth date and when he died,” Rosenthal said. “When I play, I feel like he’s giving me strength in tough plays.”

With having that good luck charm, Rosenthal feels stronger than he would without it in games. Every piece of equipment in his bag has a purpose to make sure his performance in practice or in games is very high.