Whats in Your Bag: Cross Country

Cross country runners need lots of items to aid with both their energy and well being.

Elijah Reyes
Whats in Your Bag: Cross Country

It’s cross country season, which means that it is time to pack for the long practices and enduring meets. Senior Joshua Linck explains what’s in his bag that allows him to compete at his highest potential.

Linck carries many different items with him to help get through practices and meets; these items allow him to replenish his energy and be both comfortable and healthy.

“In my bag, I carry my uniform, warm up clothes, shoes, water and food,” Linck said.

Running long distance takes a lot of mental and physical strength to get through the lengthy work outs and the everlasting runs. So, in order to keep up his energy at meets, Linck keeps food in his bag. He has different foods that are an essential to running and allow him to compete at his best.

In addition to food, Linck also packs different types of outfits and costumes. During the week, the cross country team likes to dress up in fun themes for practice. Team bonding days such as these make practices fun, while also calming any possible nerves before meets.

“On Fridays we all dress in a theme, so I pack that in advance,” Linck said. “Our favorites are twin day and  neon because everyone goes all out.” 

No matter the sport, packing essential items are important for athletes to perform at their best. Even from teammate to teammate, the items which they pack can all be very different. However,  the items that they pack all hold some purpose to the individual.