Writer’s Week: Andy Schmidt

Comic book editor passes on knowledge on the writing of comics.

Photo from ComicsExperience.com

Photo from ComicsExperience.com

One of the workshops during writer’s week will be comic book editor, Andy Schmidt. Schmidt is a founder and editor of Comics Experience, but has accomplished many more things in his career.

Schmidt’s accomplishments are include many poplar comic books such as X-Men, Captain America, as well as working with characters in the Fantastic Four when working for Marvel Comics. He not only works with Marvel comics, but has successfully worked with publishing studios such as Disney.

After working with Marvel, Schmidt went on a “tour of duty” with some other top writers to boost his new career in editing. On this tour Schmidt founded the Comics Experience. He then had an award winning book called The Insiders Guide to Creating Comics and Graphic Novels to be able to pass down his knowledge of comics to others.

Schmidt is now the President and Publisher at Comics Experience as well as the Senior Editor at IDW Publishing. He has a lot of knowledge on comics and graphic novels that can benefit anyone interested in pursuing  a career or just interested in learning about comic book writing.

To sign up for Schmidt’s workshop visit the workshop enrollment page or email English teacher Katharine Giertych at [email protected]