10 Foolproof Turnabout Asks

Whether it's a secret mission or just a simple poster there's a unique idea for everyone.


Photo courtesy of Courtney Rieb.

Every year the tables turn for the annual Turnabout dance held at Antioch Community High School. Everyone wants to get asked in a cute way, including the guys. Not everyone goes to the dance with their significant other, some may choose to ask a friend, either way, here are 10 fun and easy ideas for asking that special someone to Turnabout.

1. Posters

A simple and attention-getting way to ask someone to Turnabout is with a cute and creative poster. It won’t be too cheesy and will still be a bit sweet. Figure out what the boy likes and incorporate it into the poster.

2. Food

Let’s face it, guys really like to eat. Order his favorite food and write “Turnabout?” on the box. Something a little more sweet would be cooking him dinner. It might take the extra time and effort, but it will be totally worth it when he says yes.

3. DIY’s

Making something creative and thoughtful, such as a scavenger hunt or a puzzle, is nice because the special guy can see how much effort was put into it.

4. Sports

Decorate a piece of sports equipment, like a football or baseball, and pop the question when he’s finished with his big game or at half time. For bonus points, get his teammates involved to make it even more exciting. He won’t be able to say no to his No. 1 fan.

5. Comedy

Not all Turnabout proposals have to be serious, some can be funny and goofy. Covering  a date’s car with sticky notes will take it to the next level and get a laugh out of him.

6. Pets

Here’s a cute idea: Buy a fish at the store and make a poster using the quote, “Out of all the fish in the sea, I choose you to be my date to Turnabout.” It’s cute, yet still goofy.

7. Lights

Spelling out ‘Turnabout’ in some candles can never go wrong. It isn’t much work to set it up and it’s not too over the top.

8. Balloons

Place little notes inside balloons and inflate them. When the question is popped he can choose which balloon he wants, the ‘yes’ or the ‘no.’ If he chooses the balloon that says ‘yes,’ it will have the ticket to the dance inside.

9.  An Undercover Mission

Deliver a tape with this message, “Your date, should you choose to accept it, will be with ____(name)  on ________(day). You will be picked up to go to turnabout at ____(time). Your date will feel like she may self-destruct if you do not reply.”

10. A “Piece of Cake”

Place the ticket inside of tinfoil and bake a cake with it inside. After write a clue with frosting so he will eat it quickly and find the ticket.

“I always get a little scared when I ask someone to turnabout. I know usually the guy always asks for prom and homecoming but just being in their shoes for once is really hard to do, ” said sophomore Chloe Moritz.

It might be hard thinking of the right thing to do to ask someone to the dance, but just be creative and use imagination. ACHS’s Hollywood themed Turnabout dance will be held January 21 from 7 to 10 p.m.