12 Holidays that Actually Exist

A collection of 12 not-so-popular holidays.


There are common holidays and then there are the ones that many people have never heard of before. Here’s a quick list of some of what we found to be the most unknown.

January 3: Festival Of Sleep Day

This day is celebrated by learning about and experiencing a sound sleep. This holiday was created to relax with sleep after the long and stressful holidays.

February 26: Tell a Fairy Tale Day

This holiday is a national holiday that actually encourages people to tell fairy tales to each other and creates talk of fairy tales around the world.

March 28: Gone-ta-pott Day

This holiday actually occurs on the 28th of every month. This phrase is an idiom for a day where nothing has gone right. This is a holiday dedicated to seeing the humor in a bad day. It occurs on this day of every month because the end of the month is known to be extremely stressful and full of pressure.

April 14: Ex-Spouse Day   

This day is referred to as a national holiday that actually celebrates the fact that someone has an ex-spouse. Whether they hate  them or love being divorced, this holiday is dedicated to them.

May 9: Lost Sock Memorial Day

This holiday is a dedication to every sock we have ever lost. This day gives everyone to appreciate and remember every nice pair of socks that now cannot be worn.

June 2: National Bubba Day

Bubba Day is a holiday that celebrates anyone named Bubba. This name can be a nickname, given name, or anything.

July 25: National Candles on a Cake Day

This is a holiday that celebrates cake, and the making of the first cake which was in 55 B.C. So bake a cake and top it with candles to share with friends!

August 8: Sneak a Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night

This is a legitimate holiday dedicated to sneaking a zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch without being caught.

September 5: National Be Late For Something Day

A holiday where you are fashionably late for everything all day. Anyone can celebrate it, though I’m not sure I necessarily suggest it.

October 11: You Go Girl Day!

This is a holiday that is meant to appreciate the efforts of all women you know. This holiday was inspired by Kathy Sullivan, the first woman to walk in space.

November 6: I Love Nachos Day

A day made to enjoy all types of nachos. Celebrated by, of course, eating nachos.

December 14: Monkey Day

This holiday mostly consists of costume parties that help draw awareness to all issues related to monkeys.
These are just a few of the many unknown and weird holidays. Hopefully you learned a few new ones that you might celebrate in the future!