15 Days of Winter Things

A few ideas of fun things to do during the hot cocoa season.


Winter in the midwest is a snowy, monochromatic, wonderland. Even our little town of Antioch is full of events based around winter from the annual tree lighting to various shows put on by the theatre programs around town. Though we are swimming in events, finding something fun to do can seem like a challenge when facing the cold and, sometimes, blistering wind. Beloware 15 activities, one for every other day in the month of December, so that you’ll to help you escape the season’s blues.

  1. Attend a holiday show! 
    The ACHS fine arts program is hosting the annual Holiday Gala on December first. A night full of music, laughter and lots of food. See or email, Ms. Teddy for more information about purchasing tickets – limited supplies available
  2. Donate OR volunteer.
    There are plenty of organizations out looking for donations and volunteers, especially during the holiday season. Find something supporting a cause that you are passionate about and let the giving spirit take over.
  3. Find a good read.
    Everyone needs a break from the social scene once in awhile. The perfect snowy day activity for a quiet afternoon is sitting down in festive pajamas with a lit candle and a good book. Don’t forget your hot cocoa.  
  4. Make a gingerbread house.
    One of the most iconic parts of being a child during the holiday season is making a personalized gingerbread house with only the finest gummy candies and fluffiest frosting to cement everything together. Bonus points if you make gingerbread men and women with impeccable style.
  5. Take on a new recipe.
    Winter is not only the giving season but also the eating season. Take on the challenge of making a famous family recipe or find something new on Pinterest.
  6. Take on the great outdoors.
    Whether this means a classic snowball fight or a sledding trip, try to get outside before the snow turns into slush. Take a walk downtown and visit the Dickens Holiday Village statues.
  7. Visit the tree lighting ceremony.
    Technically this isn’t a December/winter thing but the tree lighting takes place November 24th — cheer on the Madrigal choir as they sing all of your favorite carols.
  8. Make a holly-jolly playlist.
    Songs of the season can make anything, even study sessions, bearable. Gather up your favorite songs and give your new playlist a snazzy name to remind you of the winter of 2017.
  9. Redecorate your house or room.
    Cindy Lou Who, the Whoville sweetheart from “The Grinch”, sang a song that I can relate to almost every year — where are you Christmas? Even if you’re not a Christmas junkie like the rest of us, swapping out your turkeys with snowmen might bring a little more excitement into your house this year. If you’re feeling fancy, try to change up the color scheme to better fit the season.
  10. Host a baking bash.
    Making cookies is a joy and a half but this season, the more the merrier, right? Gather up the rest of Santa’s Helpers and make some festive cookies to share. (Or not to share.)
  11. Movie marathon? I think yes.
    Checklist: hot cocoa, fort, seasonal treats and a great movie selection necessary. Other people optional.
  12. Compose your gratitudes.
    Even if you don’t celebrate the various holidays this season, the giving season can still be for you! Take some time to write out your gratitudes to the people who have held a great impact on your and make their season a little brighter with your positive energy.
  13. Take a day to breathe.
    Not every day has to be action packed. Living in the midwest has plenty of advantages this time of year so start taking some. Spend a day watching the snow fall with a video of a fireplace, festive music gives bonus points, and letting your mind take a breather from all of the hard work you’ve done.
  14. Have a photo shoot.
    Lights, camera action! Snow is falling, lights are beaming and photo opportunities are all around.
  15. Wash away the stress of the season.
    A pamper day is necessary every season, but might be especially fun with the finals stress coming along. Breathe in and watch your bathroom turn into the greatest home spa you can make and let your worries wash away with a nice bubble bath. Don’t forget to binge watch Stranger Things while you wait for your face mask to dry.