Blast from the Past: Fashion Trends

The new wave of old trends are making their way to Antioch Community High School.


Joyclyn Crawford, Junior Editor

Fashion: the form of expression that has no rules. Fashion is one part of life that is in a constant state of flux. From the runways in Milan to the people treading down the sidewalks of Chicago, there are a ton of varied styles. Over the past year or so, there have been a lot of trends returning from years of the past; America’s youth is living for it. From the seventies-esque bohemian flare over the summer, to the recent eighties and nineties kick, the fashion world has had a lot of change.

When the Duffer Brothers’ hit show “Stranger Things” came out in July of 2016, the show wasn’t expected to have such a dramatic impact on trends in the U.S., but sure enough since the release of the second season, there are plenty of videos explaining how to get the Stranger Things look. But what is so enchanting about the Stranger Things aesthetic? The dark, grunge look is always a go-to in the colder months, as dark colors hold a nice contrast with the monochromatic scene of Midwestern winters. The grunge look is a staple of the wardrobes of Stranger Things characters. However, taking a light colored graphic tee and layering darker sweaters and cardigans is also a popular outfit amongst teens at Antioch Community High School and around the country. Dr. Marten’s, Converse and Vans are some common shoes worn with this look in particular.

Mom jeans have also made a comeback amongst teens with a flattering high waist and the appearance of little to no effort, these pants have become a go-to for people who decided to give skinny jeans a break. Mom jeans can be subbed out for any vintage Levi’s for the same grunge effect. Those who cuff the bottoms with funky socks for an even more retro touch get bonus points.

Patterns are back and in full effect. Stripes, polka dots and chevron have been spotted on everything over the past few months, perhaps people are channeling their inner “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” These patterns are usually paired up with bold colors like magenta or tangerine and tied together with denim, leggings or trusty track pants.

“Most of the outfits I see that follow this trend are pretty bold and eye-catching, so I can’t exactly predict what the next trend will be,” sophomore Allison Beckman said. “I think our senses of style will just become even more bold and flashy.”

No one knows how long this eighties kick will stand, but it will be fun to try and predict what comes next.