A harvest of memories

In fall, there are many fun activities people look forward to; pumpkin picking being one of them. The anticipated activity when picking pumpkins, is carving them afterwards.


Layla Kane

While Halloween has already passed for the 2022 fall season, there is more to the season then trick-or-treating.

According to  National Geographic, pumpkin carving, or Jack O’Launterns, goes back hundreds of years originating in Ireland. People believed Halloween was a day spirits of the dead could mingle with the living. People dressed up and carved frightening faces into root vegetables, later evolving into pumpkins. 

Now, carving pumpkins is a tradition throughout America. There are a variety of designs to carve into pumpkins; scary face, happy face, movie characters and more. The options are endless. 

“One of the pumpkins was Jack Skellington and then another one was a Princess,” Junior Larkin Murphy said. “I put a boa around the top with the tiara.” 

Around Antioch there are few places to pick pumpkins: Stade’s Farm and Market, Richardsons, Kroll’s Fall Harvest Farm, Squire’s Pumpkin patch, Walmart and Jewel Osco. After picking pumpkins, people have many traditions besides carving the pumpkins. Senior Amya Appelt has her own traditions after carving. 

“ We also have chickens, we give the guts to them because they really like that,” Appelt said. 

Other traditions include pumpkin pie, roasting pumpkin seeds, watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, drinking apple cider and eating cider doughnuts. Cider doughnuts are said to be an autumn harvest tradition. 

“I was getting a pumpkin with my dad and dropped it. I was holding another pumpkin and the steam broke off,” Murphy said. 

Growing up, traditions are very important for children. Participating in something every year becomes anticipated and expected. It creates core memories that bring eminence joy.  

“ We went to the local farm at my cabin. We got some pumpkins there and they were super misshapen ones.” Appelt said,“ Then when we went back, we put on music, which I think made it more fun and we carved our pumpkins.” Appelt said. 

Both memories revolved around family however they were unique to the person. Reflecting on memories like these can provide great happiness.