A Musician in the Making

Junior Will Frillman plans to bring the past into the future of music.

Shane Sorensen


Shane Sorensen

William Frillman shows his talent singing and playing the guitar.

Jordan Staten, Tom Tom Staff

Junior Will Frillman not only impressed his friends and family, but also the community around him with his voice.

Frillman grew up singing for as long as he can remember, humming and whistling any tune that he heard. Some of Frillman’s favorite artists growing up were The Beatles and Frank Sinatra.

“[The Beatles and Sinatra are] music that every kid should grow up knowing,” Frillman said.

Along with music, Frillman was interested in playing musical instruments since he was six years old. In the past two years, Frillman narrowed his interests down to guitar instruments, as well as the bass and keyboard.

Frillman and his band, The Entrepreneurs, have played everywhere from local restaurants and small venues to just for fun in front of friends. The band consists of four dedicated musicians, Frillman himself, Ben Dahms, Mark Segura and Ethan Massie.

“Ben is a rockin’ drummer, Mark is incredibly talented at playing guitar, Ethan is new to bass, but coming along fantastically. We all work together to play music we love to play and to make music for everyone to enjoy,” said Frillman.

The band members share the common dream of one day going on to play music in their adult lives and they work hard every day to achieve this goal.

By combining all of their musical talent, ambition and dedication, The Entrepreneurs have proudly begun to write their own music.

Frillman notes that his most influential musical role models are Paul McCartney, Duke Ellington and Sam Ghandia of Young The Giant. Frillman continues to work hard every day at what he loves and strives to pursue the passion he has always dreamed of.