A Race To The Finish

Middle schoolers at Antioch Upper Grade School participate in their annual Warrior Mile.

Antioch Upper Grade School hosted its eighth annual warrior mile, on May 4, 2018. The day consisted of all grade levels, 6-8, running a mile  through Tiffany Farms competing for the best time.

“I sprinted in the beginning and lost all my energy,” sixth grader Miranda Gomez said. “[My friend,] passed me, but I was the second girl to finish in my class.”

Besides students engaging in the Warrior Mile, teachers and faculty were also welcomed to participate.

“I feel awful right now, but I’ll feel better,” physical education teacher Andrew Simonis said. “I’ve never skipped a year yet, so I wasn’t going to skip today.”

After running for eight years, the Warrior Mile is a day for students of Antioch Upper Grade School to feel proud of their accomplishment. Win or lose, everyone is getting involved and bettering themselves.