Five Little Words To Ruin Your Day

Hashtag RuinMyDayIn5Words is blowing up social media.

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Five Little Words To Ruin Your Day

Twitter has been blowing up lately with the hashtag #RuinMyDayin5Words. All hashtags are appealing and have a message behind them. Most of the time hashtags are funny sayings that would make one stop and laugh, but why is something so negative trending? What is it that makes this hashtag so popular? Is it the fact that it is relatable or the fact that one can indirectly make others feel bad about their lives?  

I think the hashtag is interesting only because so many people get into heated conversations that seem to originate as jokes,” sophomore Summer Rizzo said. “I don’t think that all tweets and phrases are mean originally, but I believe that a good hashtag is short, humorous and relatable.”

There are many reasons that a hashtag can start trending. One of the most important factors is creating a relatable or funny topic that everyone can join in on. Most people in today’s world focus on the negative and obtain fulfillment when they can see that others are struggling or that they are in the same place in life as they are. This hashtag is not only something one can see and laugh at, but something many people find completely relatable.

When I see hashtags from our president or leaders in our world I don’t mind,” Rizzo said. “Everyone has freedom of  speech, humor and relatable information.”

For a hashtag to trend it needs to be able to get people’s attention. Whether it does so by using humor or being relatable, #RuinMyDayin5Words does just that. It is a way for people to connect with each other from all over the world and from all walks of life.

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