A Workload of Anxiety

Sophomore Hailey Russo and Junior Isabella Demartini share what brings them anxiety and how they are learning to balance their day to day priorities.


Junior Logan Schlappi struggles managing his school work.

Students know the feeling of anxiety, especially when it comes to school and balancing the workload between sports and other extracurricular activities.  

“Anxiety disorders in teenagers are increasingly common among adolescents,” according to Newport Academy. “In fact, studies show that  nearly 32 percent of American teens between the ages of 13 and 18 suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point.” 

For most, the feeling of anxiety is not always there, it may come at certain times of the year or day. During the beginning of school, tests, finals or big sporting events are times when anxiety in teens is seen most.

“School doesn’t usually make me feel anxious,” Junior Isabella Demartini said. “The only time I really get anxious is when I have finals or when I’m participating in school sports. I have also been getting really anxious and nervous over the SAT this year.” 

For Demartini, the feeling of constant stress is not there but for some it is and they have trouble shaking the feeling. 

“I feel a lot of pressure when it comes to sports and school, it gives me a lot of anxiety,” sophomore Hailey Russo said. 

Russo feels the pressure of stress and anxiety in and out of school. 

“I take honors and AP level classes, that comes with a lot of homework and tests that can be very stressful, on top of that I am also part of a club volleyball team that is very intense and time consuming,” Russo said.

When it comes to school and sports sometimes decisions have to be made whether to sacrifice the game or grade. 

“There have been a lot of moments after a field hockey game where I don’t get home until after 11 at night and I just can’t get my homework done,” Demartini says, “There have also been times where I have left practice early or missed practice to get schoolwork done.” 

Luckily for Demartini, she has found multiple ways to relieve stress and anxiety by making her schedule more flexible. 

“This year I took a full year study hall that has really helped and I am not playing a winter club sport,” Demartini said. “I only play sports through the school and that has taken a little off my plate which is very helpful” 

Anxiety is something many can learn to control and if one can not find something that works for themselves they can always ask for help.

“I haven’t totally learned how to completely balance schoolwork and life but I do have friends and family I can count on and ask for help when I need it,” Russo said. 

Russo and Demartini continue to work to control their schoolwork and regular life by balancing school and sports all while maintaining good grades and a happy life.