ACHS track team prepares for the upcoming season

Preparation for the upcoming season has officially began, and the athletes and coaches have many different and unique ways of preparing.


Hannah Barczak

Through intense practices and dedication, the ACHS track team is ready to have a successful season.

The 2022 season is on its way, and it is the first full track and field season since 2019. There are a lot of plans and preparations being made by both the athletes and coaches. 

Athletes have many different ways of preparing themselves. Their practices can be anything from running a certain amount of days or for a specific amount of time, changing their diets and sleep schedules. 

“I am trying to make sure I run at least six days out of the week and making sure I am getting ‘champion sleep’, as Coach Bailey calls it,” freshman Piper Ipsen said. 

The coaches also have a lot on their plate and need to prepare. They are in charge of training, keeping the athletes in shape and making sure that they are prepared for future meets.

“My role in helping them prepare for the season has been more of giving them tips and training suggestions to help them work on everyday muscle groups that will help them become better athletes in their particular event,” coach Jacob Buddell said.

Making sure that the athletes are prepared is key. This year, the athletes have more access to training facilities, such as the new field house. 

“I want to make sure the athletes are performing their best at the end of the season during the state series, so I’ve been making sure to find ways to utilize all the great equipment and facilities the district has to offer,” Buddell said. “Along with finding new ways to make training hard but seeing gainful progress week by week as well.”

Goals are also an important part of preparing. When the athletes set goals they are more likely to reach them and can properly prepare themselves to reach them. 

“A goal I have for myself is to improve with each race and make it to sectionals,” Ipsen said.   

This season, the coaches are expecting a lot out of the athletes and are hoping for a great season ahead. 

“I think most, if not all, of the athletes will be achieving personal bests in their events come April and May, which is going to be a lot of fun,” Buddell said. 

The athletes are ready and prepared to have fun and enjoy the season.