Best Activities To Do During the Fall Season

As the seasons transition, people are ready for the shift in weather and past times.

As the air gets crisper, there seems to be a shift in everyone’s spirit. It is the time where the burnt out energy from summer turns into an excitement for the breezy weather. As the season transitions, there are many activities for students to get excited about.

“Fall is my favorite season because I love the theme that it has,” junior Lily Highley said. “I love dressing to the weather.”

Here are some of the best fall activities to fully take advantage of the season.

Visit Richardson Adventure Farm.

The Richardson Adventure Farm is a staple activity that screams fall spirit. It is a perfect activity as a date or for friends. The corn maze at the farm is carved into a new design every year that visitors can walk through.

Go apple picking with friends.

This activity is perfect for a chill day with friends. It is a perfect activity to bond over and later make desserts with the apples that were picked.

Build bonfires and roast s’mores.

In lieu of the last stretch of summer, a fall bonfire can be the perfect way to celebrate the summer to fall transition. Gather up some friends, throw some sticks in a fire pit and kick back. It makes good use to make apple cider and tell stories.

Go to the Drive-In movies.

Scary movies are another component of why many enjoy the vibe that fall gives. Movies like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th as well as others will be shown at the McHenry Outdoor Theater this season.