Addicted to Shopping

There are lots of times when shoppers go out, buy too much and then instantly regret their decision.


Izana Nordhaus

Many people experience buyers remorse and it is not the best feeling.

There are many times when people go shopping for fun, make big purchases and then instantly regret spending all their money. Buying something nice in the moment may make someone happy, but they may suffer the consequences after returning from their shopping endeavors.

According to Psychology Today, the decisions that people make don’t always lead to desirable outcomes. After making a decision, a shopper might wish that they had made a different decision after the fact. 

Many people try to balance their money but it’s not always easy. Some people tend to buy something in the store just to have it and then it gets hung up in the closet and never worn.

“There are many times when I tell myself that I am only going to spend a certain amount of money,” sophomore Joaquin Barba said. “Sometimes I end up going overboard and buy whatever catches my eye and then not ever wearing it.”

While getting the instant feeling of regret, some people also start to feel really bad about their purchase. Buying something big and nice should make one feel happy, but not everyone’s the same.

“If you have really been wanting a certain item and have enough money, then you should buy it,” junior Mia Maldonado said. “Something inside makes you feel like you shouldn’t have bought it for yourself and it is a very bad feeling.”

People feel buyers remorse the most when purchasing clothing or shoes, rather than vehicles or grocery foods. There are lots of people that feel guilty after making a purchase. A good way to think about it is to buy experiences, not objects.