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Many people experience buyers remorse and it is not the best feeling.

Addicted to Shopping

February 25, 2020

There are many times when people go shopping for fun, make big purchases and then instantly regret spend...

Holidays can be different without both parents at one place. This can also make weekends harder when one has to switch from house to house.

Living with Divorced Parents

February 11, 2020

Having divorced parents can be a very different lifestyle for many reasons. Holidays may not be the same as...

How It Feels to Be JV

How It Feels to Be JV

January 28, 2020

 Majority of high school sports have a junior varsity team as well as varsity, but what is it really ...

Animal print, sherpas and accessories like scrunchies and vans were popular back in the day. Now all those trends are are making their way into 2020.

Looking Back at 2019 Fashion

January 16, 2020

  The year of 2019 brought back lots of old fashion trends and still has trends going on that ...

The destruction of the planet is not something mankind can turn a blind eye to.

Earth Day, Everyday

April 23, 2019

Earth Day is often overlooked by many people in today's society.  Often times, people do not seem to un...

An old tape with a cord in the shape of a heart.

Music Through The Decades

February 1, 2019

Trends and styles come and go. Some may come back from the past or die out; as time passes so does music....

Starting School Later In The Morning

Starting School Later In The Morning

October 30, 2018

Many students struggle to get up in the morning because they stay up late doing their homework or si...

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