Living with Divorced Parents

Life for those with divorced parents can be very different than those with married parents.


Izana Nordhaus

Kids with divorced parents can experience a different life than those with married parents.

Having divorced parents can be a very different lifestyle for many reasons. Holidays may not be the same as they were in the past. Having divorced parents can be difficult because there has to be time made to see each parent equally, and having to move from house to house can cause stress on some people. 

Living with divorced parents can also be a struggle because it confronts one with a big change that can affect the relationships someone used to have with their family.

“It was hard getting used to the fact that I could not see my dad everyday,” junior Mia Maldonado said. “It was hard having to go back and forth on the weekends.”

Holidays can also be a stressful time because spending equal time with both parents is important. Having two Christmas’ or Thanksgiving’s allows one to spend an equal amount of time with each parent.

“It is nice being able to see my whole family during the holidays,” junior Kaitlyn Holmes said. “I like the feeling of having everyone in the same place, I could not imagine having too different Christmas’.”

Living with married parents can be completely different. It can allow more time with friends and more free time on the weekends because one does not have to worry about switching from house to house. 

“Getting to sports during the weekend is easier when you have two parents at home,” Holmes said. “I have more time to see friends since I do not have to worry about splitting time between houses.”

At first, it might be hard to adjust and take everything in when one’s parents are getting a divorce. Spending equal time with both parents is always important and keeping tight relationships with both parents is key.