American Horror Story: Twists and Turns

This year, American Horror Story is hyping up viewers for the season to come.



Associated Press

FX, a television channel, released a series of sixteen very short and vague trailers for the season six theme. Only a select few of the short clips are related to the true theme and all the rest of the teasers were made to mislead the fans, making season six a mystery. American Horror Story fans are dying to figure out what to expect for the next season.

There have been many guesses on what the theme is, but so far it has not been officially confirmed. If you want your chance at solving the mystery, there is a contest where you can win a new Mercedes-Benz with two tickets to the set. You can find the contest at

Last season, their ratings dropped increasingly. So, these mysterious teasers gained a lot of popularity and have people excited and talking about what’s to come.

The premier date is on September 14th. Tune in to FX at 8:30 to reveal the mystery.