Banksy: Art or Vandalism?

A secretive artist named Banksy leaves beautiful art in strange places all around England and the world.

Banksy is one of the most well known street artists today, and yet no one knows his true identity. The secretive artist is known for his creation of art that communicates controversial topics.  

Whether on a school house wall or an abandoned alley, Banksy’s paintings can be found anywhere. The mystery of the masked man and his hidden messages exploiting the corruption of mankind quickly drew in followers, giving Bansky even more reason to stay hidden. Although he creates art illegally on public places, this popular artist continues to gain support by a variety of audiences.

“When I go into the city, I love looking at all the street art,” junior Mary Cook said. “A lot of it is meaningful and can tell a story.”

Although he normally uses alleys and is respectful about the placement of his art, his paintings are technically illegal and considered vandalism. The charge for vandalism could by up to ten years, but Banksy’s illegal projects are now encouraged by the people of his town.  

“Even though graffiti is illegal, I think a lot of it is actually pretty amazing and impressive”, junior Aubrey Kay said.

While popularity is sought by many, Bansky’s fame has been a burden to the truth of his real identity. Other street artists, tempted by the prospect of fame, have gone to drastic measures to create a hoax and unveil themselves as Bansky, taking credit for his art. Because of his anonymity it may seem easy to take this credit. However in an anonymous interview, Banksy said that he will never reveal his identity to the public.

Whether painted on a canvas, displayed in a museum or exhibited on the streets, art is a wonderful thing. Banksy has represented this with each of his meaningful pieces left for the world to enjoy.