Recent Election Determines Local Government Positions

Following a heated national election, Antioch residents gave their voice in the Lake County election last week, resulting in an array of new position holders working for the local government.


Lake County recently held its local election, allowing residents to vote on a variety of community positions. Voting was closed Tuesday, April 4 to determine many roles including mayor, village trustee, and township clerk. A total of 4,464 ballots were counted Wednesday and the unofficial results and details were made available to the public by the County Clerk.

The results are as follows:

Village of Antioch Mayor– Lawrence M. Hanson

Village of Antioch Trustee–  Jerry Johnson, Ted Poulos, Scott Peirce

Antioch Township Clerk- Anita Dyer

Antioch Township Assessor–  Heather Kufalk-Marotta

Antioch township HWY Commissioner– Eric Ring

Antioch Township Trustee– Peter Grant, Kris Shepard, Judith Davis, Steven Turner

Antioch Public Library District Trustee– James Santi, Andrew Napier