Rice Cube: Sushi Made Easy

This simple gadget can make all types of sushi in a matter of seconds.

Sushi is a periodic dinner option for many Americans due to the lack of Japanese cuisine restaurants and the high cost of sushi. In order to combat this problem, a company founded in Australia revolutionized the sushi-making world by creating gadgets that allow users to make handmade sushi without any difficulty. They designed a series of tools that will create sushi as well as dumplings and rice balls in a matter of seconds. The tools are very user friendly and with a little creativity, possibilities are endless.

“My dad makes sushi, but it often takes him a really long time, so this tool would be great for my family,” sophomore Debra Bevan said.

The rice cube is not only used for making sushi, but a number of different desserts and bite sized snacks. They feature a variety different recipes on their website that demonstrate the wide range of uses all three of their gadgets can serve.

“I would much rather make my own sushi in minutes then spend a lot of time and money going out to a restaurant,” senior Emma Miller said.

This Australian-based company was created by Ross Patten who originally invented the gadget to cube couscous. Unexpectedly, his brilliant idea become the quickest and easiest way to make all types of sushi. Today, Rice Cube has become a prominent food appliance company and can be found selling products world wide.