Antioch Alumna Returns to Run Special Education Department

Antioch Community High School has welcomed around 16 new teachers between this year and last. One of them is Leslie Gillengerten.

After her 15th year of teaching, Leslie Gillengerten is now the new special education administrator.

Gillengerten became interested in special education teaching when she had an interaction with a student who had a disability at College of Lake County. After attending CLC for one year, she transferred to University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where she received numerous degrees and one of her teaching licenses. 

“I’m currently at St. Mary’s University in Minnesota,” Gillengerten said. “I’m finishing my next license there, but Whitewater is an awesome college.”

Gillengerten is excited to be working at Antioch. She’s lived here almost her whole life and is a fan of the area.

“I love Antioch, [It is a] smaller community, but not too small,” Gillengerten said. “They have great people, a lot of sports, great food [and] a lot of things to do.”

Gillengerten hopes to get to know the school and students better, as well as bring consistency to the special education department.