Antioch Sequoits Fall Short to Warren Blue Devils

The young Sequoits fall behind late to an experienced Blue Devil team. With weeks left in the season, there is little time to turn their year around.


Graphic by Madelynn Soberano. Photos from 2019-2020 season.

The Antioch Community High School Varsity Boys Basketball team fell short to Warren Township High School this past Saturday. The Sequoits were defeated with a score of 47 to 30, bringing their record to 3 wins and 7 losses.


“From the start we were a little slow,” freshman Carter Webb said “We didn’t really run our stuff and we played sort of lazy defense.” 


The Blue Devils quick offensive pace and home court advantage brought them to success over the young Sequoit team. As the season approaches an ending, the Sequoits have some tough matchups coming their way.


“We can definitely learn from it and improve our focussness before the game,” sophomore Emmanuel Zamudio said. “That is the biggest thing we need to improve on before our next game.” 


At the beginning of the year, the Sequoits were struggling from beyond the arc. As of lately, they have found their rhythm, as they have consistently had multiple players make 3 point shots and got their offense going. 


The Sequoits have shown that they are capable of getting into a good shooting rthym and being able to compete with anybody. They will need to show this in the approaching games as they will be facing some tough conference opponents.


With the season winding down and little time to make major adjustments, the boys plan to finish strong. They will need some of the more experienced players to step up and take charge. 


 “I want us to finish the rest of the season without losing,” sophomore Jake Mallek said. “In order to improve our record since we got off to a bad start.” 


The Sequoits plan to bounce back this week as they play against North Chicago. They will surely work hard in practice to fully prepare to be victorious in their last few games.