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Antioch soccer faces off in hard-fought game against Lakes

Antioch Soccer faced off against lakes and in a close game but did not come out with the win.
Luke Dragin
Senior Remigijus Ivanovas throws ball in play to give Antioch possession of the ball,

Boys varsity soccer had a game this past Tuesday, Sept. 21 away at rival school Lakes. Antioch was 2-6 going into Tuesday’s game against lakes. 

Antioch, looking to turn things around, fought hard in the first half; however, they found themselves trailing by one heading into the second half. 

The Sequoits came out firing in the second half, but a few early yellow cards put the team in a tough spot.

Later in the second half, Lakes scored another goal to make it a 2-0 game. The Sequoits stayed in it and battled to the end but came up short. 

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Antioch is showing that they are turning their season around and they are fighting to stay in every game. 

“I feel like we need to work and communicate more, and just have more chemistry as a team and we need to build on those things,” senior Carlos Mendez said. “That’s how you build a strong team.”

After the game, the team seems like they should have won this game but they still need to build on some things to help them go deeper into the season and be competitive.

“The lakes game could have ended in a lot of different ways,” junior Brett Brose said. “It felt like we just couldn’t put it all together when we needed to, and Lakes capitalized on all of their opportunities. I do believe we were the better team, but they played with a lot more trust in each other, and that ultimately decided the outcome.”

Brett seems frustrated but hopeful that the team can actually play to their ability.

“The main point to improve upon our play is teamwork; moving the ball around to all players and not just a select few. We have opportunities to score frequently throughout the game but we are missing that last key pass that will allow one of our players to just put the ball in,” Brose said.     

Brett added that if the team can capitalize on their opportunities they will be winning a lot more games and playing better in general. 

“I do believe we can turn this season around, but it would require everyone to be serious about doing so,” Brose said. “We are currently working on moving the ball and trusting our teammates, and once we’ve really got a grip on those key points we can be pretty great. We undoubtedly have the individual talent to do so.”

Antioch’s Varsity soccer team definitely has things to improve on and they have been coming up short lately but with some dedication, they can be where they want to be near the end of the season.

The Sequoits look to work hard in practice this next week and are striving to be successful as these last eight games of the season quickly approach.


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Luke Dragin
Luke Dragin, Tom Tom Staff
Luke Dragin is a senior at ACHS and it is his first year as a part of the Tom Tom staff. In his free time, Dragin plays baseball for Illinois Lighting, plays golf, fishes and works at Bella's Bouncies.
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