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Regional soccer game ends in a Sequoit loss

Cross town rivals end the Sequoits season.
Emmy Zamudio
Senior Jared Luksik saves a goal and kicks off to his team down field.

The Antioch boys varsity soccer team took a 4-0 loss to Lakes Community High School on Friday, Oct. 14, ending the season for the Sequoits.

Despite putting up a fight, the Sequoits were not able to advance to the regional championship game. The unpleasant weather conditions made a harsh challenge for the Sequoits striving against the strong wind conditions.

“We played against the wind so all of our passes and everything was always coming back and we weren’t getting as far on kicks,” senior Jared Luksik said.

The boys were having a lot more difficulties than just the wind itself. The Sequoits’ defense also had problems trying to stop the Lakes’ offense in the first half. Senior Kiernan Thompson talks about the struggles within the team.

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“We couldn’t stop their throw-ins,” Thompson said. “They were able to throw it over our heads and have a lot of shots on goal.”

Despite all of the setbacks, the boys were only down 2-0 at halftime and the Sequoits had an advantage in the second half as they were not going against the wind. The boys were looking for a spark to get them going in the second half.

“Going into the second half I wanted redemption, so I came in with a lot of confidence, it was a close game so there was a chance to win,” senior Brendan LeBrun said.

The second half started slow for the Sequoits and towards the middle of the half, Lakes scored another two quick goals. This game ended up cutting Sequoit’s season short, but the boys were proud of how the team had improved throughout the season.

“I feel like from the beginning of the season to now, I feel like we have had a lot more shot opportunities, a lot more movement with the ball, and probably not letting in as many goals, so I just feel like overall we have gotten a lot better,” Luksik said.

The boys were hoping for a better outcome this year, wishing their season would not end so fast. The up-and-coming underclassmen are looking to flip the script for next year’s season and finish with a successful IHSA playoff run.

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Emmy Zamudio, Tom Tom Staff
Emmy Zamudio is a senior and is a first-year staff member. In his free time, he likes to hang out with his friends and lift weights.
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