Deerfield defeats Sequoits in a tough game

Although the ACHS soccer team did not come out on top, the boys are continuing to fight toward a victory.


Fiona Serifov

Senior Brendan LeBrun kicks the ball into play.

The boys varsity soccer team had a game this past Tuesday, Aug. 30, at home, against the Deerfield Warriors, in a tough battle. The Sequoits worked hard in their fifth game of the season, although no victories yet. 

During the first half, the boys were up for a challenge. Within the first 40 minutes, the Warriors had the upper hand, running up the score. They scored five goals against the Sequoits. Despite the score and onset of emotions, the warriors continued to push hard for that win. 

The second half began, and the Warriors were still ahead, making the score 7-0. As the game was coming down to the final minutes, ACHS was able to pull it together to score at least one spectacular goal by junior Spencer Wood, with only five minutes remaining on the clock. 

The match against Deerfield came to an end with a final score of 7-1; the Sequoits were able to take this as a humbling moment in their athletic careers, to continue to push themselves even harder towards the next game and becoming stronger as individuals and as a team. 

“We struggled a lot as a team,” sophomore Cade Ternes said. “We got things to work on for the future, but I think the future seems [to be] looking good.” 

When things are not looking too bright, it is crucial that the Sequoits can count on each other to have one another’s back. As athletes, the boys know the right calls to make during a tough game. 

“Giving the ball to Spencer in the middle and [then] him scoring,” sophomore Matt Behrens said.

The athletes took a loss at the end of the day, mentally they were still ready to work. Ternes became vulnerable as he was able to use this as a point of reflection. 

“I think being a better leader can be really important,” Ternes said. “Even though I’m the captain doesn’t mean I am a great leader all the time.”

Until the next game, the Sequoits will continue to challenge themselves and bring home a win. The next game for the Sequoits is on Sept. 10 at Glenbrook North at 10 a.m.