The game through the eyes of a goalie

Goalies are an important factor in the game of soccer, learn more about their perspective.


Grace Green

Luksik behind the goal preparing to make a save during a varsity soccer game.

The game of soccer is a fast-paced sport. Players are constantly crowded around one another, fighting for the ball. The one position that is not constantly in the middle of all the chaos that occurs on the field is the goalie. The goalie has a great view of the whole field and has a completely different perspective than the rest of the team.

Senior soccer player Brendan Lebrun describes the outlook from the goal as a game of cat and mouse, where he is the one watching every play of the game.

“Everyone moves where the ball is. So, it’s just kind of me focusing on where I need to place myself next,” Lebrun said.

It can easily become difficult to lose track of the ball when it gets lost in the crowd of athletes fighting for it. Senior Jared Luksik notes how this is another huge part of a goalie’s job, keeping your eyes on the ball while continuing to scan the field.

“You always have to pay attention to how your team is doing because you can’t just kick the ball into nothing and turn it over,” Luksik said.

Goalies practice a few certain things, two of them being hand and footwork. These two tasks play a massive factor in how good a goalie is.

“Practice getting your hands on the ball and recovering [is important]. Let’s just say you make a dive or a save; it’s just getting right back up right away,” Lebrun said.

These tasks are something goalies practice on their own time and before the game to get ready; sophomore Ben Vasquez has specific drills he uses to get better.

“I practice my reaction time with tennis balls and I make sure that none of them get past me,” Vasquez said.

Even though the main job of a goalie is to block the ball from entering the net, that’s only the physical aspect. A huge part of the game for goalies is mental. Knowing where the ball is, knowing where your teammates are and knowing where the players on the other team are is extremely important.

“You have to see what everybody’s doing, you have to see how everybody’s playing the game because of what you have to do,” Luksik said.

Not only is seeing the ball a big deal but staying composed throughout the game is also a tough task that goalies need to overcome.

“Sometimes if the ball gets past you it can be hard emotionally to get through it,” Luksik said.

It’s hard to keep a positive attitude when a goal gets past you, but that is just another part of the job while being a goalie. Vazquez has a more laid-back mentality when it comes to goals getting through.

“I don’t feel any pressure. I am just another player in the field that’s doing his best,” Vazquez said.

The game is different for every player in each position. The goalie has a special spot on the field, and this is how the goalies to practice, see and play the game of soccer.