What’s in your bag: Boys Soccer

Players share what is inside their soccer bag before the season comes to an end.


Sam Worden

Senior Jared Luksik’s soccer bag filled with all the essentials.

As the soccer season slowly comes to an end, there are many key components that keep the Sequoits in check. Whether it be equipment or necessities, senior Jared Luksik and senior Brendan LeBrun keep their belongings close to them to help use every chance they have on the soccer field. 

“I always have my socks, cleats, shin guards, goalie jersey and regular jerseys for games, along with my body armor that protects me from turf and of course my gloves,” Luksik said. “I also bring a snack and tons of water with me to games.”

These items allow him to have a lot more energy and to be fully prepared going into a game. Without these items, Luksik would not be able to perform as well if he did not have these items with him. 

Even though his skills are great, each item in Luksik’s bag is essential to him and the way he plays his game. His teammate LeBrun also talks about what his items mean to him and also the most important item that is in his bag. 

“My cleats say a lot about me,” LeBrun said. “They are bright yellow because I like to stand out, It’s also reminiscent of my nickname ‘Bee’ which my parents called me growing up.”

Although his cleats mean a lot to him, the number on his jersey stands for something bigger.

“To me my most important item in my soccer bag is my jersey, it represents a lot of things for me,” LeBrun said. “The number on my jersey says a lot, 23, is the number of Michael Jordan and LeBron James, also represents the year I graduate, ‘23.”

While LeBrun and Luksik are seniors and playing in their final season, they are both looking forward toward these last games before they attempt to get into regionals with confidence.