Antioch’s Little Wonders Advance to State Competition

The varsity dance team captured their first sectional title and will compete at the IHSA state competition


Jessica Nettgen

The dance team cheers with joy as they were named sectional champions

The varsity dance team competed at the IHSA sectional competition on Saturday January 20 for a chance at qualifying for the state competition.

Prior to the competition, the team had made some changes to the routine in order for it to not only flow better, but look better as well. Some of the girls were nervous because of having to compete against a couple of the best teams in the state, Lake Forest and Libertyville.

“We were really nervous about memorizing the changes we had made to the routine a week prior,” freshman Kara Galarneau said. “We worried about schools like Lake Forest because they had beat us before and they’re one of our biggest competitors.”

When the girls took the floor, not only were they in sync throughout the entire routine, but their technique was one that was going to be rough to compete against.

As the girls came to the end of their routine, it was time for awards. All of the teams gathered into their team circles with hands held and fingers crossed waiting to hear which six teams will be heading down to State.

As they announced the top six, everyone listened as Libertyville was announced third and Antioch had not been announced yet. Then as Lake Forest was announced in second place, the crowd could feel the excitement in the air. Antioch was announced as first place winners and sectional champs.

“All of us are just excited to have the opportunity to compete at the state championship,” Galarneau said. “Our goal is to definitely make it to day two and hopefully place in the top three.”

The girls will be heading down to Bloomington, Illinois to compete on Friday, January 26. Come make the drive to support Antioch’s Little Wonders.