The newest social media app can provide a platform to vent feelings and thoughts.


This week’s app of the week is called Vent, a Twitter styled social media app. It allows users to express their “feelings and connect with people who care,” according to the app’s website.

I downloaded the app just to amuse myself, but I never knew I would get dragged into it.

When you first launch the app, you are presented with a chance to change your profile pic, and add details, and a shot bio about yourself. Then it suggests popular “Venters” for you to follow. You can share your profile on other social media applications and have your friends join and follow you. You have the option to make your account private, but that ruins the point of the app. The whole point of Vent is to post your feelings, and receive comments and support from other users.

When making a post, a menu is presented to you with a slider. Each category is a basic feeling, and there are eight of them overall. Fear, Surprise, Feelings, Sadness, Anger, Affection, Happiness and Positivity. Within each of those categories are more detailed emotions and feelings, which you choose, and then write about. For instance, if you want to express how you are feeling nice with your feet up in study hall, with no homework to do, you could first choose the category Happiness, and then Chill.

Once your post has been published to Vent, people who follow you, or find your profile through Vent’s suggested users list, they can favorite it, send you a hug, or various forms of support. The cool feature is that the support you can receive is based on the emotion you choose. So, if you write about something that makes you angry, followers can send you SAME, H4U (here for you), YNA (your not alone), etc. If you post about something that makes you happy, they can send you a YAY, or OMG, and other forms of support.

Using it over the weekend, I found the community to be very supportive. It is a great way to get things off your chest.