Bad Habits

How to break the negative behavior patterns and develop change.

Mollie Wagner

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For many, bad habits are just the way of the world. Here are some ways to kick your bad habits to the curb and get rid of the toxic things that they can bring into your life.

Bad habits are usually stimulated from stress and boredom. They can usually range from picking at your nail beds, oversleeping through your alarm every morning, drinking your weekends away, or wasting your days staring into a computer screen. These were just a few of the simple responses that stem off of stress and boredom, but a small bad habit can build into something much bigger.

Bad habits can’t always be erased, but can be replaced. There are ways to teach your mind new and healthier ways to cope with anything going on in your head. With anything though, you have to be able to recognize your bad habits before being able to overcome them.

  • Biological habits – things like smoking, drinking or drugs.
  • Emotional habits – things like recognizing you’re in a toxic relationship but staying anyway.
  • Coping habits – biting your nails, pulling your hair, tapping your foot, or clenching your teeth, etc.

There are many ways to get over a bad habit. 

Choose a substitute habit. 

When you are faced with your bad habit, having a game plan ready for how you’re going to prevent it is crucial. Plan ahead and be a smart responder to whatever prompts your bad habits.

Cut out anything that triggers your bad habits.

To make things easier on you, avoid things that causes your bad habits. Cutting them out can be hard but can also be a good way to cope. 

Join forces with someone else. 

Pair up with someone who has a similar habit and quit together.

Surround yourself with people who motivate and support you. 

Sometimes people develop habits for someone or with someone. Quit for yourself and don’t settle for people who don’t support your new positive way of living.

Visualize yourself succeeding and you will.

See yourself crushing this habit and chances are, you’ll be much more successful. You were made to be a conqueror.  

Plan for failure. 

As much as we want it to be an overnight thing, depending on the severity of your bad habit it could take weeks, months, or even years to overcome it. Be patient with yourself.