Tiny Love Stories

Modern love written miniature – no more than 100 words each anonymous miniature vignette stories.

The Humidifier – smell 

Wrestling with backed up sinuses is not a way to live life—especially because living also means sleeping. It was nearly midnight when I woke up for the third time this particular night. I swear I was dreaming when I saw my significant other roll off the bed and start putting on their socks to run down the street to Walmart to buy me a humidifier so I could finally sleep. It didn’t work, I needed antibiotics to kill the infection, but my heart swells thinking about that night. 

The Way My Grandpa Laughs – hear

I spent my entire Christmas Eve knee deep in corn husks at my grandparents’ house. I don’t see him often because he usually can’t remember my name, but this time for some reason things were different. He squeezed me like he used to and called my Grandma beautiful every time she spoke a single word. Love is the way my Grandpa laughs because having him remember those that love him during a holiday like Christmas evoked an unexpected tenderness that I wish I could feel for the rest of my life. 

Pink Hairbrush – touch 

Ever since I can remember, the worst part about showering for me has to be brushing my wet hair afterwards. It hurts, it falls out, and my parents won’t do it for me anymore. It has to be my favorite form of intimacy when my boyfriend uses my pink hairbrush to brush my hair so gently every time I get out of the shower when he’s over at my house.

Dusty Yellow – see

Every day the same girl at daycare runs into my arms when I walk into work like all the other kids do when their parents walk in to pick them up. I even put her name on my baby names list because she is just that sweet. Once she outgrows the day care and no longer clings to my leg for two and a half hours, I will always remember her by the dusty yellow baby blanket that she never lets go of. She greets me everyday with her face pushed up against the window looking into the parking lot. She makes it worth it. 

Logic To Love – taste

I want to be a scientist. Everything has to be backed up by some logical explanation or I just don’t care to believe in it. I have only been in one relationship and to tell you the truth I had to physically write down logistics of pros and cons to continue to be with this person. We were happy but the love just didn’t match anymore. Trying again didn’t work either, you can only hit the reset button so many times. Love is simple. Science and your heart must lead you to the same answer: Stay or leave.